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Programa Confap CRIS


A 40-page methodology guide full of tips to better organize your revisions before an exam: make a schedule, choose the right place, make cards and know how to use them, manage your time to work effectively without cracking. Also reminders about memory, how to break down your learning time, and manage stress. Finally, some tips on how to address an oral and a subject is written on http://typemyessays.com/plagiarism/. A small guide that you asked us, both useful for studies but also the professional or daily life. Of tests to help you identify your storage mechanisms: how to remember a series of words, a series of numbers, a pattern, a course? How to use and develop various types of memory (visual, auditory, associative …)? How to use his dominant type of memory but complete it? Besides the tests, boxes with methods and tips to strengthen his memory.